Hot Rod Modern

One of the most enduring aspects of mid century American culture is the idea of the hot rod automobile. When the boys came home from the war they were looking for transportation. They were tired of walking from one end of Europe and Asia to the other end. They didn’t have much money, so they […]

Painting by Vasily Kandinsky, Dominant Curve April 1936, Oil on canvas, Dimensions: 50 7/8 x 76 1/2 inches (129.2 x 194.3 cm) Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York. ©2015 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York/ADAGP, Paris

Art Trends – Not!

“Top 5 Art Trends of 2015 In the market for some new artwork to fill your home…” The headline of this story from Dot & Bo makes me uneasy. It has provoked me to try and explore why. I grew up in an artist family, real deal artists, so the idea of top trends in art […]

Tiles inset into the façade of the fireplace by Raven Stone tiles.

Living with Ceramic Tiles

Historically, man has desired to create living spaces which were beautiful, durable, and comfortable. Ceramic tile has been made for 4000 years. Tiled surfaces have been found in the oldest pyramids, the ruins of babylon, and ancient ruins of greek cities. Decorative tile work was invented in the near east, and has spread around in the world. […]

Instead of a doilie we have used a ethnic woven textile rug as a table cover to protect the surface of our vintage table.

What about Doilies?

I know that the title of this blog post sounds ridiculous but it addresses a problem that can be serious when you are living with investment grade furniture or even just nice expensive furniture. How do you deal, in an elegant way, with the inevitable wear and tear that accompanies the day-to-day living with a […]