Bringing back the MidMod blog

Well folks, it’s literally been years since we’ve last posted a MidMod blog. The early days of MidMod had both my mother & father (George Sr. & Barbara) posting their thoughts and sharing some of their knowledge. But keeping the blog going was a lot of work while also trying to run a vintage mid-century […]

George and Barbara Schwab in the MidMod-decor warehouse.

MidMod and Labor Day

MidMod and Labor Day Each week Barbara and I write a this blog to try to share our thoughts and ideas related to our love of MidCentury Modern furniture. We’re retired. Barbara for 40 years of graphic design and me from 40 years of professional architecture overlapping 25 years of teaching interior design. We have […]

Edmund Jorgensen coffee table being taken apart and revealing signatures

Finding Edmund Jorgensen

Finding Edmund Jorgensen About a year ago Barbara and I found two rosewood coffee tables that had ceramic tiles set into the entire top. They were in the warehouse of one of our Danish importers. We bought them on the spot. The tiles were attractive, they were rosewood and the price was reasonable. I asked […]

Here I am in little fife where I channel my inner cabinetmaker in the MidMod decor warehouse.

Into the MidMod decor Warehouse

This space is my own little fife where I channel my inner cabinetmaker. I’ve always been fascinated by warehouses. As a child, I grew up across the street from an Anaconda Copper and Brass warehouse and I was always over there, usually being chased off by the workers when I wasn’t collecting their soda bottles […]

Dining Chairs by Charles Eames in our dining room.

Living with Danish modern furniture

When I was young girl my father worked on the design of the IBM pavilion for the Brussels world fair, 1958. During his travels he purchased several Danish modern furniture pieces made of solid teak one was a Hans Wegner coffee table, dining table, nesting tables, and several Kay Bojesen’s wooden monkeys. Three kids grew […]

The house on Howard street where George grew up.

My Urban Mid Century Upbringing

I was born in 1946, the oldest of 6 children, born to George and Ruth Schwab. We lived at Howard and Diamond streets, just down from Norris Square, in the heart of West Kensington, in the shadow of the Frankford El. We were a close family, both physically and emotionally, in that all eight of […]

My Parents Living room.

Growing up Mid Century Modern

I’ve had a marvelous growing up, surrounded by beautiful creative and loving people, who collected and created beautiful objects, environments – homes and studios and experiences. My parents met in art school, Massachusetts College of Art, Dad was a vet and Mom a sweet thing out of high school at age 16. William Daley and Catherine […]