The header photo is a setup using several of the pieces we own appearing together illustrating a fantasy environment rather that a real one

Using Primary Color Palettes

Continuing the discussion on using color palettes in interior design, let’s further explore the use of Primary colors. Often primary colors in the current vernacular are considered juvenile. You see them used in children’s room décor and toy designs. Perhaps it’s because of the high level of stimulation they generate is what makes them seem childlike. I […]

Motorola television ad appeared in Life magazine and The Saturday Evening Post from 1961 until 1963. Charles Schridde illustrator

The Promise – Real and imagined MCM in America

Embracing the modern style in the 1950’s was part of the post WWII American “Promise for the Future”. The climate of hope and an advertised encouragement to living, and affording, the good life, created a new marketplace for modern design in America. Introduced into the American imagination by both reality and fiction, mainstream America was […]